Lack of Health Care Knowledge

The Healthcare sector is the strong pillar of every country. The more developed the country is, the more they are having established Health care facilities available for their citizens. We are living in an advanced era where our youth is way more educated, but health care is not an area of experiments, it requires full fledge knowledge to practice.

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In this article, I will be discussing the damages of lack of knowledge. How lack of knowledge can ruin the lives and careers of people. Little ignorance can harm much more than a loaded gun.

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Pakistan is a country where every basic human need is expensive like clean water is a need but many cities have a really limited resource of clean drinking water. Likewise, Knowledge about medicine is also very expensive. If you visit any hospital, they charge you more than 500 rupees straight and remember the treatment has not even started yet.

An average man will not prefer to go to the hospital and ask some family guy related to the medical field about the health issue he is facing. Now tell me Without any clinical overview how can anyone prescribe a medicine? Here comes the damage, lack of prognosis (diagnosis of disease), and prescription of medicine. This is huge it can cost you a life.

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In 2020 where the whole world was getting the disease by simply breathing, people were taking it as some non-serious issue because they do not have basic knowledge about Corona. Many were taking Pandemic as a Political move; many were inventing home remedies from combatting the situation. Even I saw memes on social media sites where people were suggesting treatment for Corona, without even knowing what pandemic was all about.

Due to lack of knowledge People were refusing to wear masks, which was the solution to the problem. The government made online ads and campaigns to make people aware of the situation and pandemic. We all evident the situation of countries where pandemic was taken non seriously due to lack of knowledge, faced serious death rates.

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One of the obvious damage to society due to lack of knowledge is Drug abuse of Analgesics. Paracetamol is an easily available drug on every counter of pharmacy, and even in general stores. Consumers are buying paracetamol like their monthly grocery essential, without knowing the side effects of it.

According to an article, Paracetamol Overdosage of Healthcare knowledge is damaging your liver when you are consuming paracetamol without knowing that its overdosage can cause you liver damage.

Another Research article Paracetamol toxicity: epidemiology, prevention, and costs to the health‐care system stated that in the 1960s paracetamol was the most common drug that causes self-poisoning, morbidity, and mortality.

Lack of knowledge can be damaging at various stages, the worst form of it is in form of the pandemic, where lack of knowledge is harming society. As I said earlier Little knowledge is worse than any loaded gun. Internet is exploding with knowledge, do little research before taking any action about the thing you are new at. Be careful while dealing with drugs.



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